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This article has been taken from wiki: about the TV show. For the computer application, see screen saver.
A screensaver is a computer program designed to prevent a "Phosphor burn-in" on a CRT and plasma computer monitors by blanking the screen or filling it with moving images or patterns when the computer was not in use. Today, screensavers are also used for entertainment or security purposes.

The Screen Savers (May 11, 1998 - March 18, 2005) was a live American TV show on TechTV. The show launched concurrently with the channel ZDTV (later known as TechTV) on May 11, 1998. The Screen Savers originally centered around computers, new technologies, and their adaptations in the world. However, after it was taken over by G4, the show became more general-interest oriented and focused less on technology. The final episode of The Screen Savers aired on March 18, 2005. Repeat episodes continued to air until March 25, 2005.

Some of the final hosts of The Screen Savers were:

* Sarah Lane: Sarah became co-host when Chi-Lan Lieu decided to lessen her involvement with the show. She, Kevin Rose, and Brendan Moran were the only on-air talent from TechTV still featured on the show. She left G4 and Attack of the Show! on April 6th, 2006.
* Brendan Moran: Brendan left, along with Sarah, on April 6th, 2006.
* Kevin Pereira: Kevin continues to host Attack of the Show, along with Olivia Munn, Zach Selwyn, Layla Keighley, and Wil O'Neal.
* Kevin Rose: Currently part of several online IPTV tech projects along with former TechTV employees, such as with Revision3 Corporation. Kevin is also founder and chief architect of the social news site Digg. He left G4 and Attack of the Show! in May 2005.

Former hosts and supporting members included:

* Alex Albrecht: Alex joined The Screen Savers as co-host on the first G4techTV episode airing from Los Angeles. He was terminated on November 11, 2004. His last episode aired November 10, 2004. Alex now co-hosts the vidcasts Diggnation, Control+Alt+Chicken, and The Totally Rad Show, all distributed through Revision 3.
* Kate Botello: Kate left the show to co-host Extended Play with Adam Sessler. She also co-hosted a TechTV video on computer basics with Chris Pirillo. Kate currently lives in Traverse City, Michigan, where she owns and operates a web design company.
* Jessica Corbin: Jessica left the show after the merger and can now be seen hosting Love's a Trip, a reality TV show on Style as well as cohosting InDigital a vidcast production of Revision3.
* Yoshi DeHerrera: Yoshi was the show's modding guru. He was terminated on November 11, 2004. His last episode aired November 10, 2004.
* Dan Huard: Dan was terminated on November 11, 2004. His last episode aired November 10, 2004. He now hosts a revamped thebroken vidcast with Revision3.
* Leo Laporte: Leo left the show on April 1, 2004. He is now the host of The Lab with Leo Laporte on G4techTV Canada in Canada and How To Channel in Australia. He also has his own technology talk radio show on Premiere Radio Networks (Previously exclusive to KFI AM 640), as well as a host of numerous podcasts, most notably this WEEK in TECH.
* Chi-Lan Lieu: Chi-Lan co-hosted The Screen Savers with Kevin Pereira for a short time in December 2004. She was replaced as co-host by Sarah Lane in January 2005 and has since announced her departure from G4 on her personal blog.
* Megan Morrone: Megan left the show to have a baby. She now works for Microsoft.
* Patrick Norton: Patrick has married and left the show after the merger so as to not be transferred to Los Angeles. He hosted an internet tech show called DL.TV, Which he has left as of August 2, 2007 to join Revision3.
* Martin Sargent: Martin left the show to host his own late night variety show on TechTV: Unscrewed with Martin Sargent. His last episode on The Screen Savers was May 23, 2003, with the exception of making a few appearances on the show in 2004. Unscrewed with Martin Sargent was cancelled on November 11, 2004 and Sargent was terminated shortly after.
* Cat Schwartz: Cat left the show to co-host Call for Help and eventually left G4techTV in August 2004.
* Morgan Webb: Morgan left the show in April 2003 to co-host X-Play with Adam Sessler.
* Scott Herriott: Scott appeared in the House Call's segment and demonstrated technology in his search for Bigfoot.

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